Frequently Asked Questions

Modification of the products and replacement of the original parts may cause violation of safety and laws. We therefore recommend that no changes are made to motorcycles that are incompatible with legal regulations.
We recommend 15w40 for scooter models and 10w40 for our speed models.
Each tire has its own tire pressure values.
Antifiriz protects metal and its alloys against rusting / abrasion in general, as well as antifreeze in winter and anti-heat in summer. Therefore, it is suitable to use in summer and winter. When Turkey based on the climate conditions recommended by mixing 50% to 33% antfiriz the water.
Periodic maintenance of your motorcycle; the first 500-1,000 km, 2,000 km and every 2,000 km after you are required to do. The periodic table for maintenance is given in the "User's Manual", "Warranty Maintenance" page.
We have no factory sales. You have to contact with our authorized dealers in sales and price issues.
Spare Parts Sales for ordering and ordering of spare parts. Our dealers should contact with our services.